Top 5 Things to do In Chicago

May 24, 2021 Off By Anevay

In Chicago, everyone has a story and for many visitors, it’s a home away from home. From her beautiful architecture sightings to the ever-thriving theater industry, there’s always something for you to do in Chicago. Putting aside the windy weather of the city, Chicago should be part of the list of US cities to explore. If you are visiting Chicago, you should read about travel agencies in Chicago on US-Reviews to know the right company to patronize. Why should I explore Chicago? What can I do in Chicago? In the words of Mark Twain:

“She is a novelty; for she’s never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.”

Chicago always gives out a fresh welcoming look every time you visit. It simply a city that never bores you. We invite you to explore “Lake Michigan” city and discover your own Chicago story.  Here are 5 things to do while enjoying the Windy City.

Visit The Lake Michigan

One of the most attractive things about the city is how beautifully situated she is along the shorelines of Lake Michigan. It’s the perfect spot for relaxation and fun activities. You can go horseback riding, boating, or diving with your friends and family.

Watch A Theatre Performance

Theatre performance may seem to be going out of fashion, but that is a different story for Chicagoans. Theatre and Performing Arts are important to the Chicago culture and every Chicagoan love to feel the energy steaming from stage plays and dance performances.

Perhaps you don’t want to miss the opportunity of witnessing the next “Hamlet” of the decade or you want to get blown away by the rhythmic Chicago dance, the city is littered with awesome theatres to satisfy that urge.     

Enjoy The Awesome Food Festivals

From the annual Mole de Mayo Food Festival to the super 5 days Taste Of Chicago Food Festival, there are many Food Festivals to make your time in the city a merry and jolly one. There are lots of Food Festivals happening almost every weekend, weekly, monthly, or some annually, you are sure to find a Festival to delight your minds. The steaks, wine, and finest food are always available for you to enjoy.

In the Windy City, every day is a Festive period. It’s always a new day to make merry.

Tour The Art Institute Of Chicago

I’ve never heard of a man or woman who visited Chicago without visiting the Art Institute Of Chicago. A trip to Chicago is incomplete without taking a tour around one of the world’s most famous museums and the largest in the entire United States.

Founded in 1879, the museum boasts of several genius paintings and sculptures with over a million people paying a visit to the museum yearly, making it the 35th most-visited museum in the world. With a collection of 300,000+ pieces of art, you get a chance to explore millenniums years of human history. From the American Gothic to ancient European artifacts, you can’t get enough of our beautiful human history exhibited in the museum.

Time travel into the past may be something only seen in Hollywood, but in Chicago, you are given a chance to have a glimpse of the culture of our ancestors. Yes, it’s also part of your Chicago story.

Have Fun At Chicago Millennium Park

Chicago Millennium Park is an all-in-1 destination to spend quality time with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a quiet and serene environment to experience a zen-like moment, spots to take memorable photos with friends and family, a place to watch a music or dance performance,  etc. It’s all right there at Millennium Park.

Partake in Music Festivals, attend Tai Chi or Yoga classes, tour the beautiful Lurie Garden or take cool selfies at “The Bean”, or have fun at Crown Fountain, every moment at the Park is a soul-refreshing one.

Despite the windy nature of the city’s weather, there are lots of things to do in Illinois’ city.  You’re guaranteed to have quality time while exploring the city built on swapping soil. Just like Muddy Waters remarked:

“Going to Chicago was like going out of the world.”

It’s an entirely different experience. It beautiful place to visit.