What Every Backpacker Should Know About Backpacking in Thailand

January 17, 2019 Off By Anevay

Thailand is one of those countries which so many people have on their ‘must see’ places they want to hit at least once in a lifetime. Some say the best way to tour this amazing country in Southeast Asia is to backpack your way around because it is known as “The Land of Smiles” and for a very good reason. The people of Thailand are warm and friendly and even if you don’t speak the Thai tongue, they have a way of expressing themselves that literally makes you understand what they are trying to get across. If you are intent on backpacking across Thailand, really the best way to visit, then here are some tips which might make the going a whole lot smoother and much more affordable as well.

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Avoid the Tourist Traps

Although you might be tempted to visit areas known for being hotbeds of tourism, you won’t really get a feel for the country and its amazing people this way. Instead, visit smaller towns and villages and either use public transportation or bike your way around. The whole idea of backpacking in Thailand is obviously to save money and to get out and about among the locals. If that’s your intent, you won’t find them at tourist traps and you certainly won’t experience native Thai culture because those places cater to westerners. That’s all there is to it!

Hostels Are the Way to Go

Let’s make one exception to the above-mentioned rule right here and now. While being advised to avoid the more popular tourist traps, that doesn’t necessarily mean to avoid all big cities. Bangkok, for instance, has a wealth of culture and a good percentage of the locals do speak English. They would, after all, because of the huge number of international visitors to the capital of Thailand. The way to avoid tourist traps in Bangkok would be to avoid all those large western resorts and opt instead for something like a Siam hostel Bangkok. Here you will be avoiding the huge western crowds and will be mixed in with other visitors who simply want to enjoy the people and the land. They can always stay at a Hilton or Holiday Inn back home. Why come all the way to Thailand for a hotel like that?

Frequent the Street Vendors for Amazing Foods and Deals

Backpackers should also become familiar with the art of shopping and eating at street vendors. These are locals who ply their wares made or crafted fresh daily. It’s amazing just how delicious and fragrant Thai food is and if you want authenticity, this is where you are most likely to find it. Thai nationals will often visit street vendors for their lunch hour instead of sitting down in a local café. They’re cheaper and quicker by a long shot! If you are looking for great deals on anything from electronics to apparel, street vendors will have the best deals to be found.

In all, backpacking through Thailand can be the most memorable vacation of a lifetime if you know how to get about safely and cheaply.