Wedding planner on Santorini, Greece

September 17, 2022 Off By Anevay

Santorini wedding planner will be happy to help organize the wedding of your dreams, a wedding on the sunny island of love – Santorini. Our representatives are located directly on the island, which helps to resolve any kind of issues in the first person. We know the island well, and we can give advice on absolutely every issue, from the location of the pharmacy to the question of where you can give your dress for steaming. Imagine radiant Santorini – the land of lovers, an island resembling a crescent moon, washed by the emerald Aegean Sea. According to many famous archaeologists, this particular island is part of the lost Atlantis.

Your special wedding in Santorini

A wedding in Greece on Santorini, Santorini wedding venues although an island, allow the newlyweds to adhere to the classical style and not give up the snow-white wedding dress that the brides dream of and the suit for the groom. Another feature of Santorini is that you don’t have to think about the grandiose decor and floristic delights, about photo zones, since the island itself is the main decor and photo zone. You can only add some small details that can characterize you as a couple.

The island has a large number of restaurants, both on the Caldera and on the beach area, which are suitable for a wedding dinner. The entertainment program may include DJs, musicians, and shirataki dancers. Usually, a small number of guests are brought to the ceremony, which allows you to spend the evening in a close, cozy company and gives the couple the opportunity to think over the scenario of the evening themselves, without involving the hosts.

It’s impossible to list everything that the island can give to newlyweds, but one thing is important, the island will bring you incredible happiness and those moments that you will never forget. No matter what budget you have for your wedding, contact us, we will try to find Santorini wedding packages to make your dream come true.