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Europe has the beauty of natural wealth that is very elegant and shows its charm even in cold weather. Like the  Bled Lake which is one of the treasures owned by Slovenia. This water area was also nicknamed one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the most exciting activity there is canyoning Bled. Canyoning Bled is a sport wading through canyons or waterfalls, in various ways or techniques such as walking, crawling, climbing, jumping, descending the cliffs of waterfalls with ropes, and swimming.

About Lake Bled

Lake Bled is located in the northwest region of Slovenia, precisely in the Julian Alps. This lake with calm water is so clear. The water is dark blue and has a warm temperature because it comes from hot springs. Surely you can feel the thrill of canyoning Bled.

Around the Bled Lake there is a beautiful, hilly forest. But the main attraction of the Bled Lake is the tiny island in the middle. It’s in the western part of the lake. There is a  beautiful old church on the island

At this lake, you can visit a beautiful little museum and a classic church with fragments of frescoes from the 14th century and  the baroque gold altar. Lake Bled is most worth visiting in the fall. At that time the whole lake and island looked like a land of no-nonsense in a fairy tale. Likewise, with the surrounding forest that looks more beautiful so covered in the distinctive golden color of autumn. Currently, lake water is also warm enough to swim. Cold weather will not be a problem. For canyoning Bled, you can book one of the best companies, Altituda d.o.o.

The beauty that radiates is indeed an attraction for travelers who come to this spot. However, the old church, small museum, and canyoning Bled will provide a special sensation for travelers. Curious? Immediately enter this canyoning Bled into your adventure plan!